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Our AI driven supply system will find the fastest ways to manufacture your prototype and end-user designs, while giving you instant quote with manufacturability analysis in seconds

Instant Quote Engine

Upload your design to our secured system and get your instant quote with manufacturability report for your custom parts in a matter of clicks.

Enhanced Network Capacity

Connect to our approved manufacturer network from diverse industries with AI system ensuring the fastest lead time and highest quality.

Quality Control and Shipment

Our engineers inspect parts delicately ensuring geometrical tolerances and raw material quality. AI system leads production and shipment step by step.

Connect our manufacturer network with assurance

With the team of scientists and engineers, we prioritize the quality control. Our ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturers and our teams will double check every order from production to packaging.

Quality Assurance

We prioritize the qualified quality control whether order coming from automotive, aerospace, defense, medical or just hobby purposes.

  • Uncompromising standard
  • ISO 9001 certified manufacturers
  • Double quality control

Experts to Help

Let our teams help you with your concerns, needs and even your designs. We offer you:

  • Design support
  • Technical support
  • Experienced team

Guarantee to Customer

If the order does not meet the selections, simply let us know. We will reproduce and prioritize the order by alerting our teams until the quality is assured.

  • 7-day guarantee
  • Customer prioritized policies
  • After sale support

How to order parts?

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Upload CAD design to our platform and get an instant quote.

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Choose orders specification as well as lead times

Follow your production

AI will find the suitable manufacturer and production will begin within 24 hours.

Quality control

We assure the part quality with double quality control with strict standards.

Receive your parts

Track your part step by step

Why AppVest?

We connect you to our approved manufacturer network who are subjected to series of audits by our experienced lead auditors. Your order will be distributed by AI protecting your privacy and manufacturing process will start immediately after the order.

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Where are our productions used now?

We assure high quality satisfying the demand of wide range of industries.


Automotive industry needs of high volume and quality can be fulfilled with our fast and high-quality manufacturing network.



Our high standard manufacturer network provide the sophisticated needs the different phases of the aerospace industry required.



Strong partnerships with leading consumer manufacturers help us accelerate the manufacturing step and enhance the end-user industry.



Our prototyping supports and complex order success benefit the medical manufacturers and research labs.



Our industrial-grade prototyping services help in the continuous evolution of the defence industry.